Around the Centers...

The centers are part of the landscape.

Each one of them has a different environment ! Don't hesitate to walk around and have a look for yourself !

The Vallées is a site where you will find a salt water lake (fed by the Vie river, with a rising tide during very high tide days), swamps, and a lush fauna and flora that you will be able to witness at any season.

Saint Hilaire Nautisme and the Nature et Culture organization offer a botanical station as well as an ethnobotany course near the center.

Single or accompanied by a group, you are free to visit and learn how to identify the plants in the Vallées and how to protect them.

Saint Hilaire Nautisme and the Nature et Culture organization offer games to learn how to identify birds as well.

If you feel like ornithology could be your thing, come to the center's reception and ask for our free games.

The Sion l'Océan center is located by the sea, between the Vendée coastline and the forest, leaving you the choice of walks in beautiful wooded or rocky environments.

The Demoiselle center is part of the dune.  You can either walk on the beach or search for traces of life on the dune.


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Hôtel de Ville - Rue de l'égalité

85270 Saint Hilaire de Riez

Contacts bases nautiques

Base des Vallées 02 51 55 99 17

Base des Demoiselles  02 28 11 68 30

Base de Sion 02 51 55 13 12