Where can I find your rates ?

You can find them,


Which methods of payments do you accept ?

Saint Hilaire Nautisme accepts : cheques, cash, cards.


My son is 12, can he register to a Wind surfing course ?

We offer Windsurfing courses at the Vallées for ages 12 and over.

At what age can you do Sand Yachting ?

We offer Sand yachting courses at the Demoiselles, for ages 10 and over.


What about equipments ?

Saint Hilaire Nautisme offers all necessary equipments for each activities : wetsuits, lifejackets and helmets.

Just remember to bring dry clothes and a snack.

Sand yachting : bring strong shoes (like trainers), and a windbreaker.

Sailing : bring waterproof shoes, sunglasses and a cap.


Can can young children do ?

We offer the Jardin des mers (Garden of the Seas) activities for children aged 5 and over, at Sion l’océan.



T 02 51 55 99 17



Hôtel de Ville - Rue de l'égalité

85270 Saint Hilaire de Riez

Contacts bases nautiques

Base des Vallées 02 51 55 99 17

Base des Demoiselles  02 28 11 68 30

Base de Sion 02 51 55 13 12